okay so


downer apparently lost his book right after he got it back and hadda panic attack and…

anyway, point is, hes still kinda shaken by the whole “buried alive” thing and


im gonna see if i can get permission from the boss man to let the thinkamancers do… i dunno, something for him

were gonna take it easy for a bit so guys keep doin your drills and ill handle any questions too hard for downer

titans, its like the festival but without all the fun

aim true

Oh Titans I Was So Worried

Geeze oh geeze oh crap oh boop.

No, wait, deep breathes. Calm down. Calm down calm down calm down!

Okay! So… I almost lost my eyebook, and I’m fairly sure Parson would’ve- well, not disband me, but somethingunpleasant, definitely. These aren’t cheap and it’s never good to have intel fall into enemy hands…

It looks like it had just fallen off the bench I’d been propping it on for that last question. Luckily, Artemis found it before anyone else and got it back to me. (I could’ve sworn I’d searched everywhere around the benches, though… huh)

After that close call, I’m just going to take a break from posing for self-portraits for a bit. I mean, there’s optimistic and there’s reckless.